Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Find a Corner

Extremely clear fog
You can barely see a dot
There surely is a corner
Aggressive but not furious

Bet your life for the place
See through your closed eyes
Benefit is not the only fragment of life
Use it, Do it, Make it

What you feel inside 
Is your way to destiny
Look for eternal happiness

new people, new communities
treat them as a retreat
Though corner is new
sure to crack everyone out of it

Strategy is not the only way
Only timely strength is not the win
Brain fails many a times practically
Listen to heart and see...
The epic win!

And don't stop with the epic win
There is something beyond it for sure
You deserve it
Without fury but with aggression...

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Darkness I love you!!!

Wanna get rid of these false colour
Tired of clearing the cloud
The passion for truth has lost its way
Finally realized
The nocturnal star in the dark is only real 
but it's far far away 
not achievable and untouchable 
Thoughts down to see anything real 
Learnt to not to believe their facile lies 
Darkness is there when I see it 
I dissolve myself in dark 
and I am true 
I see my reflection in DARK.. 
I bow you dear dark 
...I bow the truth 
so here I say
...Darkness I love you

Monday, September 17, 2012

Go ahead my son..

Inspiration is everywhere
You just need to glance at it
an idea is waiting for you
To fill the charm with stars

One more step of struggle
and you will be through
Don't take it as challenge
coz it is something new to you
Its just stage one going to be cleared
Hurdles may be near to the Goal
Go through.. Play you boy..
Look up and stand up..
Fight for the final land up
Years and years have gone..
Suffering,Slavery,Horrifying nightmares
Forget the shit and stand up to fight

Don't believe the God
Don't even pray the lord
Money is the only fuckin whore
Expect more from yourself
n dont leave a leaf for them

Go ahead my son
Don't look behind
You are the one,You are gonna do
you will do
I know you CAN..

Scratch on the glaze

Deemed are the ray of hopes
Faded is the confidence
Broken by trust
Fight for revenge

Everything have to collapse at the edge
is the only rule of fate
They are out to scratch your glaze
come on, get up,don't be late

Lying on the truth
Delivering some shitty proofs
Moment of assassination has begun
Killing them for no reason

Affection leads you the way of hatred
and goes 1000 days of betray

Your lies are stuck in fog of hate
Need no clearance
They just want you to be in pain
the facts and truths are just mere